Budget slugs families with higher taxes, tolls

This year’s state budget is high taxing and high spending, but it leaves crucial needs neglected.

For all the government’s boasting, there’s nothing to make meaningful improvement to Melbourne’s traffic congestion, no airport rail link, no money to do level crossing removals properly instead of cheap and nasty Skyrail, and crime will continue to soar because there aren’t enough police.

Yet $ millions are being poured into big wage increases for unions that helped Labor at the election, not to mention the money wasted on things like tearing up East West Link and designing a new Victorian logo.

Mr Andrews promised Victorians there would be no new or increased taxes. This promise has now been well and truly broken, with new and increased taxes and Citylink tolls that will drive up the cost of living, on top of the huge increases in stamp duty being paid by home buyers as property prices rise.

It’s hard enough already for families to make ends meet, without being slugged with more taxes and tolls just to pay for folly and waste.