Melbourne's east ignored in state budget

State budget ignores Melbourne’s eastern suburbs

Regrettably, the Labor Party have shown once again they don't understand and don’t care about the needs of Melbourne’s east. Despite the Government’s boasts of surpluses and record spending, there’s not a single new project ... Read More
Dan's tax express

Dan’s Tax Express

“When you tax a lot, you can spend a lot.” That’s the simple story of this year’s Victorian state budget. But are the higher taxes fair and affordable? And will the money be spent wisely? ... Read More
Families slugged as taxes, tolls, rise

Budget slugs families with higher taxes, tolls

This year’s state budget is high taxing and high spending, but it leaves crucial needs neglected. For all the government’s boasting, there’s nothing to make meaningful improvement to Melbourne’s traffic congestion, no airport rail link, ... Read More
Taxes to rise to pay for Labor's waste

Premier Andrews must keep his “no tax increases” promise

Having wasted $1.1 billion to not build East West Link, Premier Daniel Andrews has today refused to stand by his election promise that a Labor government would not increase taxes or introduce any new taxes ... Read More
Labor's State Budget

Labor’s State Budget cuts infrastructure and surplus

Today's State budget cuts infrastructure spending and reduces the State's surplus in order to pay for a big increase in the public sector wages bill and other spending. Many of the road and rail investments ... Read More
Labor puts safety of building workers at risk

Labor puts safety of building workers at risk

It is disgraceful that Daniel Andrews is prepared to put the wishes of his CFMEU mates ahead of the safety of ordinary workers. Scrapping mandatory drug and alcohol testing on building sites will not only ... Read More
Victoria - The Union State

Labor abolishes building industry watchdog

Today's Herald-Sun editorial has rightly condemned Daniel Andrews' sneaky abolition of Victoria's building industry watchdog - revealed in the final sentence of a press release about whooping cough. Abolishing the watchdog will give open season ... Read More
Ambulance secret deal

Labor’s expensive deal with paramedics

The deal done by Daniel Andrews with the paramedics union looks set to become an expensive benchmark for taxpayers, with a wide range of public sector wages agreements coming up for renegotiation this year. With ... Read More
Andrews concedes to unions

Experts warn on wage demands

Experts are already warning of the dangers to the state's finances if Daniel Andrews gives in to unreasonable wage demands from public sector unions. The Coalition government's policy was for a guideline wage increase of ... Read More

Andrews caught out with false claims about Construction Code

Opposition Leader, Daniel Andrews, has again resorted to falsehood to try to defend himself. On top of claiming that no compensation would be payable for tearing up the East West Link contract, Mr Andrews is ... Read More
Daniel Andrews' union mates Setka and Reardon

ACCC takes court action against CFMEU alleging secondary boycott

The Victorian Government welcomes today’s announcement by the ACCC that it has commenced legal action against the CFMEU and CFMEU officials John Setka and Shaun Reardon over the alleged secondary boycott of Boral. This decision ... Read More
Law-abiding, safe and productive workplaces

New construction industry Code to strengthen compliance

New Code strengthens requirements for tenderers on Victorian government projects Promoting safe, law abiding and productive construction sites Napthine Government building a better Victoria The Victorian Coalition Government has today released a new Victorian Code ... Read More
Law-abiding, safe and productive workplaces

CFMEU appeal thrown out by the High Court

CFMEU loses yet another court case Napthine Government committed to law-abiding, safe and productive construction sites Voters face a clear choice at the next election The Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) has failed ... Read More

New appointments to the Essential Services Commission

Minister for Finance, Robert Clark, today welcomed two new appointments to the Essential Services Commission. Ms Julie Abramson and Mr Richard Clarke both bring a wealth of experience to their roles as Commissioners. Ms Abramson ... Read More

Drug and alcohol screening to be enforced on construction sites

New requirements for tighter screening of drug and alcohol use at construction workplaces across Victoria will commence from 1 July, helping to ensure a safer and more secure environment for workers, Minister for Finance Robert ... Read More

Legislation will improve building regulation and better protect consumers

The Victorian Coalition Government has today introduced legislation into Parliament to implement reforms that will deliver far reaching improvement to the building system for Victorian consumers and builders. This Bill amends the Building Act 1993, ... Read More

Coalition Government to better protect building consumers

The Victorian Coalition Government today announced that it will introduce a Domestic Building Consumer Protection Fund to better protect Victorian domestic building consumers. The establishment of the Fund will further strengthen the role of the ... Read More

Productivity Commission endorses Victorian Building and Construction Guidelines

The Victorian Coalition Government has welcomed a draft report from the Productivity Commission that recommends that the Commonwealth, and all State and Territory Government’s adopt Victoria’s building code and implementation guidelines. The draft report from ... Read More