Box Hill Electorate

  • Daytime PSOs at stations across Melbourne, including Box Hill

    Protective Services Officers have been a great success in keeping our stations safe and giving people the confidence to travel at night. This Liberal Nationals move to have PSOs during the daytime at Box Hill ... Read More

    More classrooms and better facilities for Box Hill High School

    A Liberal Nationals state government will provide $5.5 million for new classrooms and upgraded facilities at Box Hill High School. Box Hill High is one of Victoria’s best performing schools, but it needs more classrooms ... Read More

    $9.5 million to rebuild Koonung Secondary College

    A Liberal-Nationals Government will provide $9.5 million for a major upgrade of Koonung Secondary College. The funding will enable an extensive rebuild of the school, with new and upgraded classrooms and facilities, including for sports, ... Read More
    We'll Build Both

    Liberals will build East West Link

    Liberal leader, Matthew Guy, has pledged that a Liberal Nationals government will build the East West Link if elected at November’s state election. A Liberal Nationals government will also build the North East Link. However, ... Read More

    Protecting our suburbs

    A Liberal Nationals government will introduce strict new planning rules within its first 100 days of office to protect the liveability and character of our residential streets and neighbourhoods. This will help protect suburbs across ... Read More
    Liberals to boost security cameras

    Liberals to boost safety in local suburbs

    A Liberal Nationals state government will invest $375,000 in more security cameras, better lighting and other measures to fight crime in local suburbs such as Box Hill, Box Hill North, Blackburn, Blackburn North and Mont ... Read More
    Box Hill needs a new master plan

    Box Hill needs a new master plan

    Central Box Hill urgently needs a new master plan if we are going to avoid it becoming a jungle of high rise towers and wind tunnels. Here's what I said about it in Parliament last ... Read More
    Eram Park

    Eram Park sewage treatment plant is on the nose

    What has gone on with the Eram Park sewage treatment plant proposal is a disgrace. Here's what I said about it in Parliament last week: I raise with the Minister for Water the issue of ... Read More
    Rail drain's flow-on effect

    South Parade flooding needs to be fixed

    Here's more about what happened after the Level Crossing Removal Authority “upgraded” the drainage as part of the Blackburn level crossing project - instead of flooding the station's pedestrian underpass, it's flooded residents' homes all ... Read More
    Victorian crime increases 2017

    Crime in Whitehorse up by 8.8%

    Crime in Whitehorse is up by 8.8% over the past year. Across Victoria, since Daniel Andrews was elected, robbery has increased by 32.4%, sexual offences by 29.8%, home invasions by a massive 54.5%, assault by ... Read More
    South Parade flooded

    Residents flooded by bungled rail project

    This was South Parade in Blackburn on Thursday evening, as residents were inundated with overflow from the Blackburn rail project's new drainage system. Backyards have been flooded, garages filled with water and driveways washed away, ... Read More
    TAFE land being sold for high rise

    Box Hill TAFE land being sold for high rise

    The Andrews government and Box Hill TAFE are moving to sell off public land owned by the TAFE for even more high-rise towers in central Box Hill. The government is bypassing normal planning procedures, and ... Read More
  • The Box Hill electorate is located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, about 12km from the city centre.

    It takes in the suburbs of Box Hill, Box Hill North, Mont Albert, Mont Albert North and Blackburn and parts of Balwyn, Surrey Hills, Canterbury, Blackburn North, Forest Hill and Nunawading.

    It is within the Eastern Metropolitan Region of the Legislative Council and takes in parts of three Federal electorates — Kooyong (Josh Frydenberg MP), Chisholm (Julia Banks MP) and Deakin (Michael Sukkar MP).

    The electorate also takes in parts of both the City of Whitehorse and City of Boroondara.

    Primary schools in the electorate are Balwyn, Box Hill North, Chatham, Kerrimuir, Mont Albert, Surrey Hills, Blackburn, Blackburn Lake, Laburnum, St Thomas, Old Orchard and Nunawading Christian College Primary. Secondary schools are Box Hill High School, Koonung Secondary College, Blackburn High School, Nunawading Christian College and Box Hill Senior Secondary College, a stand-alone Year 11 and 12 college.

    Box Hill Institute of TAFE (Technical and Further Education) has most of its campuses within the electorate, including its main administrative campus at Elgar Road.

    Box Hill also has a major public hospital within its boundaries — Box Hill Hospital, located in Nelson Road.

    The electorate is served by the Lilydale and Belgrave train lines. The Box Hill shopping centre includes a transport interchange, with buses terminating on the upper levels of the Centre, while the trains pass below street level. The tram 109 service terminates in Whitehorse Road, adjacent to the Box Hill mall.

    Box Hill Central anchors the main Box Hill business centre, which also features other shops and professional and business offices. There are also several suburban shopping strips within the electorate, including Balwyn, Mont Albert, Kerrimuir, Blackburn, Blackburn North, Blackburn South (Canterbury Road), Laburnum and parts of Belmore Road.

    The electorate is well-served by restaurants, with Chinese, Malaysian, Italian, Indian, Lebanese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai and other cuisines. Until 1999, restaurants could only have a BYO licence due to the “dry area” status of the electorate. Following a poll, restaurants in the Whitehorse part of the “dry area” can now obtain a full liquor licence.

    See also the Box Hill electorate map on this site or the Victorian Electoral Commission’ Box Hill electorate map.