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Liberals have values and ideas to make people’s lives better

In the wake of the Victorian election defeat, the Liberal Party needs to get back to doing what any political party should always do, namely apply our principles and values to the problems and opportunities ... Read More
Andrews must act on Melbourne port picket

Andrews must act on Melbourne port picket

Premier Daniel Andrews needs to act urgently to end the picket currently blockading the Webb Dock terminal at the Port of Melbourne. The picket, manned by members of the Maritime Union of Australia and the ... Read More
Victoria the crime capital of Australia

NSW crime rates fall while Victoria’s soar

As the head of the NSW crime statistics bureau says: "...rates of robbery in NSW are now back to where they were in the late 1970s. Rates of home burglary and motor vehicle theft are ... Read More

Victoria hit by construction industry disruption

Thanks to the Andrews Government’s abolition of the Victorian Code of Practice for the Building and Construction Industry, Victoria has been left wide open to union thuggery and intimidation in the construction industry. Across the ... Read More

Unions clip Victorian taxpayers’ ticket

Yet again, the costs of Victorian infrastructure projects are being driven up by massive pay deals under a Labor government - just like the desalination plant. As today's The Australian reports, construction workers for Melbourne's ... Read More

CUB picket bullying caught on camera

Premier Andrews should be condemning the thuggery and bullying on the CUB picket line, not urging the unions to keep their picket going. Backing this rogue union campaign against one of Victoria's best known companies ... Read More

Picket line thuggery continues

The thuggery continues at this picket line against CUB backed by the Andrews government, with a cowardly attack on an ordinary worker simply trying to do his job. The Fair Work Commission has already made ... Read More
Dan's IR Minister backs rogue union disruption

IR Minister backs union disruption

This rogue union campaign against CUB is completely outside the Fair Work Act. Yet instead of condemning their actions, Victoria’s Industrial Relations Minister is urging them on. Her job should be about resolving disputes within ... Read More
Bill Shorten stays silent on UFU

Bill Shorten silent on UFU control over CFA

Bill Shorten has weighed into the issue of council amalgamations in NSW, but he won’t say a word to condemn the UFU taking control over the CFA in Victoria. In contrast, Malcolm Turnbull has made ... Read More
CFMEU threaten strikes and higher power prices

CFMEU threaten higher power bills

Victorian families are already struggling to make ends meet, the last thing they need is higher power bills due to outrageous union wage demands. The problem is unions have seen whenever they threaten a strike, ... Read More
Big rail pay rises mean higher taxes and fares

Big rail pay rises mean higher taxes and fares

Taxpayers and commuters face higher fares and payments to rail operators after rail unions were yesterday given big pay rises to call off strikes that threatened level crossing removals. It looks as though yet again ... Read More
Pay deal to drive up infrastructure costs

Pay rise deal to pressure costs and jobs

The massive pay rise for construction workers that some big builders have agreed to give will add hundreds of millions of dollars to the cost of Victorian public infrastructure if it flows throughout the building ... Read More