Blackburn community rallies against tree devastation

Blackburn community groups and residents gathered yesterday to protest against the seemingly indiscriminate tree removals occurring as part of the Blackburn rail project.

It’s been estimated that up to 450 trees will go, a massive intrusion into Blackburn’s much loved tree canopy and green surrounds.

Residents have lost all confidence in the Level Crossing Removal Authority after repeated contradictions, lack of information and inability to get straight answers.

Trees and shrubs along South Parade have been ripped out without warning or consultation, with fears the magnificent trees near to and west of the subway entrance will be next to go.

Decades-old trees in Morton Park are being chainsawed, and there are still no answers about the future of Elmore Walk.

It can be unavoidable to remove some trees so important community projects like level crossing removals can proceed. However, it’s hard to see why so many trees and shrubs are being removed for this project.

And on top of this, the government is still refusing to widen Blackburn Station’s narrow, cramped subway, a vital once in a generation opportunity to get it right for the future.

For more, see The Blackburn Solution and The Age’s report at http://bit.ly/1Uciua3.