Puppet CFA Board rubber-stamps new CEO

Yet more duplicity from Premier Daniel Andrews. Last Tuesday, he told Victorians the future of the CFA’s CEO was nothing to do with him. Yet on Friday, his newly appointed puppet CFA Board was able to appoint a permanent replacement CEO within just hours of the former CEO, Lucinda Nolan, resigning.

It’s pretty clear that at the same time Premier Andrews was pretending he knew nothing about it, his government was busy hand-picking a replacement for Lucinda Nolan for his new puppet Board to rubber-stamp on Friday.

This is reckless and irresponsible conduct by any Board, and two-faced behaviour by a Premier who will trash anything and anybody in order to get his way. It’s no wonder senior public servants are despairing at a government out of control.

For the Herald Sun’s assessment, see Speedy CFA action raises questions.