This week in State Parliament – 13 October 2016

This week in Parliament 13 Oct 2016


In State Parliament this week, Liberal and Nationals MPs highlighted the ongoing fear and trauma home invasions are causing to victims, and the delays in police responding due to cuts to frontline police numbers.

We demanded answers from the government on the growing numbers of police who are leaving the police force under the pressure of soaring crime rates and the lack of police numbers.

We exposed the firefighters union’s list of 15 senior MFB officers the union is targeting, of whom five have already been forced out under union bullying, and the government’s failure to condemn or act against the UFU’s behaviour.

We secured amendments to tobacco legislation to prevent e-cigarettes being marketed to children or sold through vending machines.

We were at last successful in getting the government to abandon its illegal refusal to hold a joint sitting of Parliament to appoint a Nationals MP to fill a casual vacancy in the Legislative Council. The joint sitting has now been held and the vacancy filled, thus restoring full representation for citizens in the Northern Victoria Region.

We also sought to introduce tougher five year minimum penalties for violent car-jackings and home invasions, but regrettably Labor and the Greens voted to defeat our amendments.