Even AWU disowns Cesar Melhem – but Premier Andrews still won’t act

Following days of damning evidence, even his old union has now disowned Cesar Melhem – but still Daniel Andrews stays silent.

 Premier Andrews remained in his bunker again yesterday, refusing to say or do anything about yet another of his off-the-rails MPs.

It’s said you’re known by the company you keep.  Premier Andrews’ company includes CFMEU thugs, firefighter union bullies, tapegate advisers, alleged staff-abuser Adem Somyurek and alleged union rorter Cesar Melhem.

Victoria can’t afford to be run by a rogues gallery like this.

 We also can’t afford to have trade unions operating under the law of the jungle.  

If Premier Daniel Andrews, Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and unions like the AWU are fair dinkum about fighting for workers with integrity, they will support passing reform legislation in Canberra to crack down on this mess and ensure Australia has unions that actually work in the interests of ordinary workers, rather than the political and personal interests of union officials.