Family Drug Treatment Court turns parents from drugs, reunites with children

Today’s Sunday Age carries a report on the pioneering work of the new Family Drug Treatment Court, under the leadership of Magistrate Greg Levine.

It was a project that Minister for Community Services, Mary Wooldridge, and I were pleased to support and secure funding for under the Liberal-Nationals state government.

Key to the court’s success is requiring and enabling participants to take responsibility for their own future.  It supports, it helps, it advises, but at the end of the day parents can and must decide for themselves – will they turn away from drugs and provide good care for their children, or will they not?

Importantly also, this reform recognises that children need loving and stable homes, and need certainty in their lives –with their parents if at all possible, but if not, with others who will provide them with love, care and stability.  Decisions need to be made, and not allowed to drag on.

 All this has been backed up the drive, inspiration and dedication of Magistrate Greg Levine and his team, who deserve the community’s congratulations and gratitude.

 As the plaque on His Honour’s wall says “”The future will judge us by the way we treat our children.”

To read the Sunday Age report, go to Revolutionary new drug court reuniting parents with children, and saving cash.