Daniel Andrews must clean up his union mess

Another day, another union in the headlines.  Today it’s the CFMEU, forced to pay $3.5 million compensation to Grocon for its illegal Emporium blockade.  
Yesterday, it was the AWU, Bill Shorten and kickback allegations.  Before that it was the firefighters’ union trying to get porn charges dropped against a senior union member, not to mention the fraud allegations in the Health Services Union.
Clearly, the laws on unions need to be tightened.  As well, Premier Daniel Andrews needs to show some leadership and start cleaning up the union mess in his own backyard.
Former Labor Premier John Cain was prepared to stand up to the Builders Labourers Federation.  If Daniel Andrews wants to have any credibility as a Premier who does the right thing, he needs to stand up against the thuggery, fraud, kickbacks and other abuses in the CFMEU and other unions.
We wouldn’t tolerate that sort of behaviour anywhere else.  We shouldn’t have to put up with it in the union movement.

For today’s Herald-Sun report on the CFMEU compensation payment and its fallout, see CFMEU empire crumbles as union agrees to pay Grocon $3.5m over Emporium blockade