Call for help for Koonung Secondary College’s ageing facilities

Koonung Secondary College is a great school, but it is suffering badly from water leakage and drainage problems due to its ageing facilities.

In Parliament last week, I called on the Minister for Education to help get these problems fixed or, even better, provide the school with its long overdue full upgrade.

This is some of what I said: “The school’s library has been unusable all year due to leaking and flooding issues…The school is also suffering water leakage from cracked or broken water pipes…

“The school is not suffering these problems due to under spending of its allotted maintenance funding… Rather, these problems largely stem from the fact that the school needs a major facilities upgrade. This was committed to by the former coalition government, but not continued when Labor was elected…

“I ask the minister to look at the school’s situation again and, if the government still will not fund the major upgrade the school needs, at the very least provide the funding and support needed so students can again use their school library and this ongoing drain on the school’s finances can be ended.”

The Minister now has 30 days to respond to this plea for help. Let’s hope the government starts to realise that Koonung’s great curriculum and achievements can’t continue if its facilities keep getting worse.

For the full text of my full remarks, see http://bit.ly/2rkL4hI.