Crime in Whitehorse up by 8.8%

Crime in Whitehorse is up by 8.8% over the past year. Across Victoria, since Daniel Andrews was elected, robbery has increased by 32.4%, sexual offences by 29.8%, home invasions by a massive 54.5%, assault by 17.2%, motor vehicle theft by 20.5% and firearms offences by 14.6%.

The revolving door of soft justice is letting offenders think the law is powerless and letting them back onto the streets to offend again.

We need stronger and more effective sentencing so would-be offenders know there will be real consequences for their actions, and so violent offenders are locked up and off the streets for a long time.

That’s what my Liberal colleagues and I are committed to deliver if we are elected next year. See www.makevictoriasafe.org.au/solutions for our plans and solutions.