South Parade flooding needs to be fixed

Rail drain's flow-on effect

Here’s more about what happened after the Level Crossing Removal Authority “upgraded” the drainage as part of the Blackburn level crossing project – instead of flooding the station’s pedestrian underpass, it’s flooded residents’ homes all along South Parade.

The Andrews government and the LXRA need to get this fixed quickly, and provide a full and frank explanation of how it could ever have happened.

It’s not good enough for them to say that lack of capacity in the existing drains is someone else’s problem – it was their rail drainage works that have dumped all the extra water into those drains.

This is the latest in a series of bungles in the handling of what should have been a project the whole community could be pleased about.

For what I said about it in Parliament last week, see http://bit.ly/2oIUuo0.