Blackburn Village Residents Group complete a busy year

It was a pleasure to join the Blackburn Village Residents Group at their end of year BBQ this afternoon in the beautiful surrounds of the Blackburn Lake Sanctuary.

We were able to discuss the latest on key local projects such as the Blackburn Road level crossing removal and the shared use bike path, as well as a wide range of current planning issues that has kept the group busy.

The BVRG are local residents who have worked to protect the distinctive features of Blackburn since 1987.

BVRG strives to have input to get the best possible results for the community on local projects. They also campaign for planning zones and planning permit decisions that will ensure development is keeping with the wonderful character and tree canopy that Blackburn enjoys.

If you’re a Blackburn resident who’s interested in getting involved, contact Secretary David Morrison at bvrg@ymail.com or phone him on 9894 2531.