All Victorians invited to have their say on sentencing

All Victorians now have the opportunity to have their say on sentencing through taking part in a survey that will help shape the criminal justice system.

The survey fulfils a Coalition commitment to seek the views of the community about key issues affecting the future of sentencing in our state.

Attorney-General Robert Clark today launched the survey, which is being run on MyViews, a new online survey site at myviews.justice.vic.gov.au, and supported by a number of Victorian media outlets.

“This survey will help inform the government about community views on sentencing and help shape decisions about future sentencing levels and other sentencing reforms in Victoria,” Mr Clark said.

The survey, which runs for four weeks, includes 17 case studies that feature aspects of real crimes heard in Victorian courts and asks participants to specify the sentence they would give.

“The cases range from violent offences such as murder and rape, through to drug trafficking and vandalism,” Mr Clark said.

“Survey participants can choose from three sentencing options, including a fine, a Community Correction Order or an immediate term of imprisonment.

“Participants are also asked to consider when a prisoner should be eligible for parole, if at all, and what effect various mitigating and aggravating factors should have on sentencing.

“Many experts and interest groups have diverse opinions about sentencing, and this MyViews survey is open to all Victorians so they can share their views too.”

Mr Clark said the results of the sentencing survey would be published on the Department of Justice website, as well as being made available through media outlets.

Victorians can access the survey until Friday 26 August 2011 by logging on to myviews.justice.vic.gov.au.

A print version is available for download and can be sent postage-free to: MyViews Survey, Department of Justice, Reply Paid 87276, Melbourne VIC 8060. Copies of the survey form can also be obtained from Department of Justice regional offices.