This week in State Parliament – 8 December 2016

This week in State Parliament, Liberal and Nationals MPs repeatedly sought answers from the Minister for Health over the delays and the lack of warnings and advice given to the public during last month’s thunderstorm asthma emergency in which eight people died.

In the Legislative Council we defeated government legislation that would have prevented faith based schools and other organisations from to choosing to hire staff who support the organisation’s values.

We also defeated legislation that would have allowed people to describe their gender as anything they choose on their birth certificate, regardless of their biology or medical evidence.

We demanded answers from the government over ongoing bashings of other inmates and assaults on staff in juvenile justice centres, including one inmate with a disability bashed three times within a week. We also demanded answers over reports that Middle Eastern crime gangs are now freely operating crime empires from inside adult prisons.

We opposed legislation to establish a new government authority, Development Victoria, to push high density redevelopment projects on public land, such as on former public housing estates or above level crossing removals, while bypassing normal planning processes and the views of local communities.

We also opposed a climate change bill that will cut across Commonwealth climate change measures and create unnecessary red tape, costs and delays.