This week in State Parliament – 24 November 2016

In State Parliament this week, Liberal and Nationals MPs demanded answers over reports the newly elected Labor government forced the Country Fire Authority to make a massive secret payment to the firefighters union, and forced out the CFA’s CEO because he wouldn’t agree to it.

We questioned how the government could allow violent juvenile offenders to riot so often, for so long, and do so much damage, with so little response from authorities other than to try to bribe them to stop with pizzas and soft drink

We opposed legislation that will drive up family and business power bills because of poorly designed and excessive subsidies for solar panels, which electricity companies will be allowed to pay for by charging everyone else.

We introduced legislation to strengthen parole laws for violent juvenile offenders by requiring community safety to be the paramount consideration in all juvenile parole decisions.

We also introduced legislation to ensure that Russell Street bomber Craig Minogue, remains in jail instead of being released on parole, just as we legislated previously when in government to keep Julian Knight behind bars.

We questioned the safety of Labor’s rushed and shoddy Skyrail project after a massive counterweight fell from a drilling rig into a backyard where a mother and her young child had been just minutes earlier, and after drying dirt and rocks from the same rig have continued to fall into the family’s back yard.

We also sought to amend legislation relating to medical treatment decisions to ensure the legislation properly protects patients against unintended consequences and against elder and similar abuses. Regrettably, our amendments were blocked by the government, Greens Party and Sex Party in the Legislative Council