Productivity Commission endorses Victorian Building and Construction Guidelines

The Victorian Coalition Government has welcomed a draft report from the Productivity Commission that recommends that the Commonwealth, and all State and Territory Government’s adopt Victoria’s building code and implementation guidelines.

The draft report from the Productivity Commission, released last week, highlights the economic and industrial significance of the Victorian Guidelines, Minister for Finance Robert Clark said today.

“This initiative has been directed at improving value for money for infrastructure projects for Victorian taxpayers and the Productivity Commission report highlights the importance of our reforms,” Mr Clark said.

“The recommendations of this report show the folly of Labor’s plans to scrap the Construction Code Compliance Unit (CCCU) that applies and enforces the guidelines.

“Daniel Andrews needs to come clean on why he plans to scrap the CCCU. Instead of simply doing the bidding of his militant union mates, he needs stick up for hard working Victorians by supporting measures that promote law abiding, safe and productive worksites.”

Describing Victoria’s Building Code and Guidelines as the “most influential” and “most promising” policy approach to address rising construction costs, the draft report explains that the introduction of such guidelines improves labour productivity by countering sweetheart deals and coercion in the construction industry.

The Victorian guidelines were introduced in 2012 in order to boost productivity and require contractors to ensure all Victorian Government construction sites are law-abiding and safe.

Additional measures to require improvements to site security and to tackle drug and alcohol issues will be implemented shortly, further enhancing Victoria’s innovative Implementation Guidelines.

“Daniel Andrews has again been exposed as a puppet of the Victorian Trades Hall Council, putting aside good public policy at the behest of his militant union mates. This shows once again the dangers of ever returning a union-dominated Labor Party to government in Victoria,” Mr Clark said.

“The Victorian Coalition Government is committed to building a better Victoria through safe, secure, law-abiding and productive workplaces.”