Nuclear plebiscite overturned

The Legislative Council has defeated the Bracks Government’s legislation on
a nuclear power plebiscite.

Liberal, Greens Party, National and DLP members all voted against the bill
after the Government opposed amendments moved by the Greens to try to make
the Bill more democratic.

All non-government parties in the Victorian Parliament – regardless of
their views on nuclear energy – have unanimously concluded that this Bill
is a political stunt, a waste of time and money, and a stacked abuse of

This Bill would have given total power to a single Minister in the Bracks
Government to decide whether a plebiscite would be held, what the question
would be, and what the statements for and against the plebiscite would be.

However, the plebiscite would not have applied to uranium exploration and
mining because that is what Kevin Rudd wants for ALP policy.

Today’s vote is a victory for decency, fairness and democracy, and it
further exposes the hypocrisy and manipulation of the Bracks Government.