Crime up again – we need more police and stronger laws

It’s no wonder people no longer feel safe, with crime in Victoria up 10.2% last year and up 20.2% since 2014. That’s 250 more crimes being committed in Victoria EVERY DAY.

Nowhere is spared. In the Box Hill electorate area, home invasions in Whitehorse are up 43% over the past two years, with thefts of motor vehicles up 33% and assaults up 26%.

In Boroondara, motor vehicle thefts are up an unbelievable 118%, while home invasions are up 31%, robberies up 28% and assaults up 30%.

It’s time for an end to the government’s soft on crime approach. We need more police and stronger laws and sentences that will put violent offenders behind bars and keep our community safe. I’ve been calling for that in Parliament for a long time, and will keep going until it’s fixed.

To find out more about crime in your local area, see the Crime Statistics Agency’s crime-by-location map.

Neighbourhood Watch groups are doing their best to help, and you can join or follow your local group.  For Whitehorse, see Neighbourhood Watch Whitehorse’s Facebook page, and for Boroondara see Neighbourhood Watch Boroondara’s web page.