Government orders enrolment cuts at Box Hill High School

What the Andrews government is doing to Box Hill High School is appalling.

Box Hill High School is one of the most successful government schools in Victoria. Its outstanding gifted students program benefits not only students in the program, but all its students.

Yet instead of being supported to expand and grow, the school has been ordered to reduce its enrolments below the level it already has.

The school should be receiving the support and facilities it needs to provide for Box Hill’s and Blackburn’s ever growing population, not be ordered to cut its numbers and scale back its programs.

These cuts will cripple the school’s gifted student program, and even some families living within the school zone will soon have to be refused enrolment.

This is either bureaucracy gone mad, or a deliberate strategy to destroy gifted student programs. Either way, the Minister needs to reverse this cut, and I’ve called on him in Parliament to do so – see http://bit.ly/2tamu5y

For today’s Herald Sun report, see Clever kids lose out in school crush

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