Blackburn Station underpass floods again

The Blackburn Station underpass has flooded yet again, and there are a lot of questions the government needs to answer about what happened and why it caused such disruption.

Why were the temporary pumps inadequate to prevent the flooding? Why was so little warning and advice provided for commuters arriving at Blackburn Station, particularly given that the flooding started yesterday?  Why didn’t at least some express trains stop at Laburnum station to pick up passengers who went there when they heard that Blackburn was closed?  

Perhaps most important of all, what guarantees will the government give that when the works are finished, this won’t happen again in future?

The government should have built a new, wider underpass as part of this project. Given how many trees and shrubs along South Parade have been cut down for the sake of installing huge drainage pipes, the least the community are entitled to expect is that there will be no more flooding of the underpass.

For more, see the Whitehorse Leader’s report Blackburn commuters left high and dry.