No early release for killers who won’t say where victim’s body is

A re-elected Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will change the law so a convicted murderer cannot be released early on parole if they haven’t provided police with details of where their victim’s body is, Liberal Leader Matthew Guy has announced today.

The rights of victims and their families should be at the forefront of the criminal justice system.

Where a killer murders a victim and the body can’t be found, that adds even more to the grief of the victim’s family and friends.

If a murderer has been convicted and is in jail, and still won’t disclose where they’ve hidden the body, it shows they don’t have any true remorse, they haven’t been rehabilitated and they don’t deserve any reduction in their time in jail.

This change to the law will ban any early release on parole unless and until the offender provides police with full information about what happened to the victim’s body. The change will apply to those currently serving a sentence as well as to future convictions.