自 2017 年 6 月,郝凯在 Brighton 被恐怖份子 Yaccqub Khayre 袭击不幸身亡后,至今已过整整一年了。

然而最关键性的疑问至今依然无解,到底为何 Khayre 最初在犯下罪刑后,还能提早出狱,给他机会再次犯下另一起令人髮指的恐怖行动。

Khayre 早期因暴力入室犯罪被判刑五年半,监禁期间又因纵火而加重刑期。 根据 Andrews 政府宣布的规则,这种人犯是不应被释放出狱的。

如果当初 Khayre 还被关在监狱裡,那郝凯至今依然还活者。 可惜世界没有如果,但维州人民仍有知的权力,政府需告诉我们,为何那般罪刑累累的人犯,还可被释放出狱,给他机会再次犯下恐怖且令人髮指恶行的机会。


英文版/English version

Still no answers on Nick Kai Hao’s tragic death


It’s now a year since Nick Kai Hao was tragically shot dead by terrorist Yacqub Khayre in Brighton in June 2017.


However, there are still no answers about why Khayre was let out of jail early and was free to commit this terrible crime.


Khayre was sentenced to 5 ½ years in jail for a violent home invasion, and was then sentenced to more jail for starting a fire while in prison. Under the rules announced by the Andrews government, he should not have been released.


If Khayre had been kept in jail, Nick Kai Hao would still be alive today. The government needs to tell Victorians why he was allowed to be released.