史上并非无前例,前澳洲联邦工党政府曾试过如此做,但相关法律在联邦 Turnbull 自由党政府上台时遭到废除。我已呼吁维州政府需试图防止这类法律介入市场,以维护小企业的生存空间。


英文版/English version

Inquiry threat to transport industry

The Victorian government is conducting an inquiry into the role of owner-drivers in the transport industry.

Owner-drivers are small business people who own the truck they drive and are contracted to pick up and deliver goods or other items. Many in the transport industry believe the Victorian government wants to prohibit owner-drivers from doing work for less than a minimum rate of payment.

This could make owner-drivers uncompetitive and send them broke, as well as increasing the cost of having goods delivered. It would also force drivers to become employees and allow the Transport Workers Union to pressure them to join the union.

The former Australian Labor government tried to do this, but the law was repealed by the Turnbull government. I have called on the Victorian government to rule out trying to introduce a similar law in Victoria.