NSW crime rates fall while Victoria’s soar

As the head of the NSW crime statistics bureau says: “…rates of robbery in NSW are now back to where they were in the late 1970s. Rates of home burglary and motor vehicle theft are the lowest they’ve been since records began.” If only it were so in Victoria under Premier Andrews.

Here’s the contrast:

Crime is up 10.2% overall
Assaults have spiked 11.8%
Robberies have increased 24.4%
Theft offences are up 15.8%
Break and enter is up 10.1%
Justice procedures are up 51.6%

Crime is up 0.41%
Assaults are up 0.83%
Robberies have decreased 13.19%
Theft offences are down 1.84%
Break and enter is down 5.03%
Justice procedures are up 10.75%

For more on the NSW statistics, see Crime hits a new low -NSW Recorded Crime Statistics 2016.