維州政府接受自由党联盟修正提议案后,议会终于在上周顺利立法,通过墨尔本港口 50 年的租赁法案。

原工党的墨尔本港口租赁法案版本有许多潜藏问题,例如其中一条协议,假设维州在 50 年内建设第二个港口,维州人民就要为此支付庞大的赔偿和代价给墨尔本港的承租人。





英文版/ English version

Parliament passes port of Melbourne legislation


Last week, Parliament finally passed legislation to enable the leasing of the port of Melbourne for up to 50 years, after the government accepted a wide range of amendments sought by the Liberal-Nationals Coalition.


Labor’s legislation could have required taxpayers to pay massive compensation payments to the port of Melbourne operator if a second container port was built in Victoria at any time within the next 50 years.


This would have restricted and increased the cost of future trade in Victoria, holding back investment, jobs and growth.


The Coalition’s amendments that the government finally agreed to accept will give a much better result for Victoria.