自由党提出 家庭入侵 & 劫车犯需穿戴 GPS定位脚镯



维州自由党政府将要求,家庭入侵犯和劫车犯在从监狱获释后,需配备 GPS 定位脚镯。

GPS 定位脚镯允许有关当局随时监控犯人位置,如果犯人切断追踪定位脚镯,就会触发警报,他们也将被逮捕入狱。

这项新法将阻止假释犯在获释期间进一步犯下罪刑。 如果他们再次犯罪,他们也将会迅速被发现、逮捕与起诉。 在自由党政府的治理下 ,暴力犯罪的累犯将被判入狱至少 10 年。

维州是个美好的地方,它需要我们每个人的努力、珍惜与维护。 我们需要强而有力的法律来重塑对法律的尊重,推动改革,让维州再次变回从前那般安全宜居。


英文版/English version

Liberals to require home invaders and car jackers to wear GPS tracking anklets

A Liberal Victorian government will require criminals who commit home invasions or car jackings to be fitted with GPS tracking anklets when they are released from jail.

GPS tracking anklets allow authorities to monitor where an offender is at any time. If an offender cuts off their tracking anklet, an alarm is triggered and they can be arrested and put back in jail.

This new law will deter offenders on parole from committing further crimes. If they do re-offend, they will be able to be quickly found, arrested and charged. Under a Liberal government, repeat violent offenders will then go jail for at least 10 more years.

We need strong new laws like this to bring back respect for the law and help make Victoria safe again.