这项教育改革是恢復课堂纪律,提升学生水平,正本清源极其重要的一环。 不幸的是,澳洲学校一直面临教学进程受干扰和课堂不守规矩等问题,当前已到需要做出改变的时候了。



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Liberals to stop use of mobile phones in classrooms


A Liberal Nationals government will introduce a policy that students are not allowed to use mobile phones at school during class time, if we are elected at Victoria’s election this year.


Education standards in Victoria are getting worse. Students in class should be concentrating on what they need to learn, and should not be distracted by messaging their friends, updating their social media or surfing the internet.


This is an important part of restoring discipline and standards in the classroom.  Unfortunately, Australian schools have a poor reputation for disruption and unruly behaviour, and this needs to end.


Under the Liberal Nationals policy, students will only be allowed to use mobile phones in classrooms where that use is required as part of the curriculum, or if the student has a special exemption for family, health or similar reasons.