维州自由党领袖 Matthew Guy 宣布,如能在 11 月大选中胜出,自由党政府将投入无人机来打击监狱当前的毒品走私与相关犯罪。


维州监狱近年来充斥着毒品、武器等非法物品的犯罪,违禁物品常透过抛掷,越过围牆,投入给狱中配合的人员。自 Andrews 政府执政以来,治下种种犯罪举动,导致维州监狱的犯罪率飙增超过一倍。


工欲善其事,必先利其器。 自由党将投入无人机,监控监狱内外,找出在狱外走私违禁物品的人,同时也监控狱包括暴动、殴斗等问题。


监狱中的人必需清楚明白,倘若违法,他们必将承受相应的惩处。 而无人机的新科技将会让管理如虎添翼,使犯罪无所遁形。


英文版/English version

Liberals to use drones to fight crime in prisons


Victorian Liberal leader, Matthew Guy, has announced that if a Liberal Nationals government is elected at November’s election, it will use drones to fight drug smuggling and other crime in prisons.


In recent years, Victorian prisons have been flooded with drugs, weapons and other illegal items. These are often thrown over prison walls and fences to prisoners waiting inside. This has led to crime in prisons more than doubling since the Andrews government was elected.


The Liberals will use drones to monitor both inside and outside prison walls, to find people outside the walls trying to get items over the walls, and to monitor prisoner behaviour, including during riots, fights and other incidents.


Prisoners need to know that if they break the law, they will be caught and punished, and drones will help achieve this.