自由党领袖 Matthew Guy 先生承诺,如果 11 月的维州大选中胜出,将兴建东西环线道路 (East West Link),一条连接东部高速道路 (Eastern Freeway) 和 CityLink 间的快速道路。


East West Link 工程将会和东北快速道路 (North East Link) 同时进行,差别是 East West Link 会较早开通,以其舒缓东部高速道路 (Eastern Freeway) 上的拥堵车流。

除此之外,东北高速 (North East Link) 建案的设计也会稍作修改,把对住宅房屋和公园的影响降到最低。




英文版/English version

Liberals to build East West Link


Liberal leader, Matthew Guy, has committed to build the East West Link, between the Eastern Freeway and CityLink, if a Liberal Nationals government is elected at November’s state election.


The East West Link will be built together with the North East Link. However, the East West Link will be opened first, to end the traffic jams at the end of the Eastern Freeway.


As well, the design of the North East Link project will be modified to reduce impacts on homes, properties and parklands.


A Liberal-Nationals government will also use grade separations to end the need to stop at traffic lights at many busy and congested road intersections across Melbourne and Geelong.


This gives voters a clear choice – a Liberal Nationals government who will build East West Link and North East Link, and remove traffic light intersections, or Labor who will only build North East Link.