如自由党在 11月维州选举中胜出,将在维州建立一套高速铁路系统,大幅提升通勤效率。

这将给维州带来和欧洲与亚洲等许多地区一样的高铁系统,大大减少郊区进城的往返时间,例如墨尔本到吉朗仅需 32分钟、 Ballarat 需 45分钟、Bendigo 则是 70分钟。




英文版/English version

Liberals to build high speed rail for Victoria

A Victorian Liberal Nationals government will construct a high-speed rail system across Victoria, if elected at November’s state election.

This will give Victoria the same sort of high-speed regional rail system as in many parts of Europe and Asia. It will dramatically reduce the time it takes to travel to and from regional centres, for example just 32 minutes from Melbourne to Geelong, 45 minutes to Ballarat and 70 minutes to Bendigo.

This has the potential to transform our state, making it easier for people to live and work in regional cities, taking the pressure off Melbourne, and helping to end the stress on our roads, public transport, schools, hospitals and other facilities.

A reform like this will help turn Victoria from a state dominated by a single massive city into a state of many cities.