More classrooms and better facilities for Box Hill High School

It's time to upgrade Box Hill High School

A Liberal Nationals state government will provide $5.5 million for new classrooms and upgraded facilities at Box Hill High School.

Box Hill High is one of Victoria’s best performing schools, but it needs more classrooms and facilities to keep up with growing enrolments and restore its gifted student program.

However, instead of backing the school, the Andrews government axed the upgrade funding committed by the previous Liberal Nationals government in 2014, and last year the school was ordered to cut its enrolments, forcing it to slash its highly-recognised gifted student program.

That’s why I’m delighted to welcome the commitment that a Liberal Nationals state government will reverse these cuts and provide Box Hill High School with $5.5 million for more classrooms and better facilities.

This investment will give Box Hill High School the facilities to meet growing enrolment numbers, provide more choices and opportunities for current and aspiring students and allow the school to end the cuts to its gifted student program.

This time, let’s make sure Box Hill High gets the vital upgrade it needs.