维州 Daniel Andrews 州长领导的工党团队至今已执政满一年,而维州整体的状况相比一年前则是惨不忍睹。 政府的公共基础设施投资大幅缩减、州政府财政赤字一路飙高、全职就业人数比预期悽惨、警力人数却又大幅削减。

回顾过去的一年,监狱发生暴动、工会为了巨额加薪而多次罢工、维州第二港口- Hastings 的兴建被迫中止、市区铁路经费欠缺等问题都凸显出维州成了一个内鬨与滥用人民公帑的政府。

而最为严重的是政府一意孤行的结果已导致光是为了不建东西环线 (East West Link) 就已花费纳税人超过八亿五千七百多万澳币。 维州政府当务之急是要拿出把维州管理好的实效与政策,而不是只有整天喊口号和不停给人民开出一堆无法兑现的承诺支票。




Victoria worse off after one year of Labor government


The Victorian Labor government under Premier Daniel Andrews has now been in office for one year. 

Unfortunately, many things in Victoria have got worse over the past year. Government infrastructure spending has been cut, state debt is up, full time jobs growth is low and police numbers have been reduced. 

We’ve also had prisoners rioting in jail, unions demanding huge wage increases, not enough money to pay for the metro rail tunnel, Victoria’s second port at Hastings cancelled, and infighting and misuse of public funds by the government. 

On top of all that, the government has spent more than $857 million in order to not build the East West Link. 

Victoria’s government needs to focus on governing our State well, not just on empty promises and announcements.