Andrews 政府宣佈计划对租房法规修法,对房东附加更多限制,并给予房客更多权力。
房东将被要求安装高级锁,未经房东许可下,房客将可允许饲养宠物,也可对房子进行较小的改动。 对于房东的租金涨幅,也将受到限制。

出租法规应该对房东和房客双方皆是公平才适宜,如果法律对租客不公平,那租客就可能面临租到品质有问题的房屋,未来也充满不确定性和风险。 将心比心,倘若法律对房东不公平,提高对房东的限制和要求,就会打击房东出租的意愿,影响供需,也影响市场房租变动。

政府当前宣佈的法律修正案是有争议性的。 如果您对修正案有任何意见或想法,欢迎在法案于州议会投票前,跟我或您的地区议员分享。


英文版/English version

Changes to rental laws – are they fair?


The Andrews government has announced it plans to change the law on renting homes to impose more requirements on landlords and give greater rights to tenants.


Landlords will be required to fit deadlocks, and tenants will be allowed to keep pets and make minor changes to properties without the permission of their landlord. Rent increases will also be restricted.


Rental laws should be fair to both tenants and landlords. If the laws are unfair to tenants, tenants risk living in poor accommodation and with uncertainty about the future. If the laws are unfair to landlords, people will stop owning properties to rent out, and it will be harder and more expensive for tenants to find properties to rent.

The changes to the law announced by the government are controversial. If you have a view about them, let me or your local MP know what you think before these proposed laws are voted on in Parliament.