犯罪急遽增加,日增 250 起案件

上週公佈的数据显示,去年维州犯罪率增加 10.2%,自 2014 年至今,犯罪率涨幅高达 20.2 % , 等同每天增加 250 起案件。


数据会说话,过去两年内,家庭入室犯罪增幅 64%、偷车犯罪增幅 44%、抢劫有 32% 增幅, 而人身攻击则有 16% 的增幅。

Andrews 政府对犯罪问题有着软弱到近乎放纵的态度,而维州社区邻里则为政府的这个态度付出惨痛且高昂的代价。



英文版/ English version

Another huge increase in crime


Figures released last week show crime in Victoria rose 10.2% last year and has increased by 20.2% since 2014. That’s 250 more crimes being committed in Victoria EVERY DAY.


Even worse, some of the biggest increases have been in violent crimes that hurt ordinary Victorians in their homes and on the streets.


Home invasions are up a massive 64%, thefts of motor vehicles up 44%, robberies up 32% and assaults up 16% in just two years.


The community is paying a high price for the Andrews government’s soft on crime approach and its cuts to front line police.


We need more police and stronger laws and sentences that will put violent offenders behind bars and keep our community safe.