维州最新公佈的犯罪数据显示,在过去短短一年间,犯罪率飙涨 12.4%。这样的犯罪增涨无疑代表州政府在法制上的放鬆政策是何等的不明智。




影响社会问题的因素是多元的,犯罪率的飙涨也自然不会只由单一因素所造成,而是连续错误政策的后果。其中主要因素之一是州政府放鬆法制,让少年犯即使违反保释条件也不会受到处罚,让性侵儿童犯或毒贩可藉由社区矫正令 (community correction laws) 而规避原本较重的刑罚。



我们需要一个强而有力的政府,一个强化法制并有效执行、打击犯罪亦加强警力的政府。民为邦本,本固邦宁。 保护人民生命财产,降低犯罪是政府的责任,更是执政者应尽的义务。 在这样法制鬆散、犯罪飙升的政府下,不禁让人想问一句,那些年我们怀念的美好呢?



英文版/ English version

Crime soars as laws are made weaker


Victoria’s soaring crime rate shows the folly of the state government’s soft approach to crime, with figures published week showing crime has risen by 12.4 per cent in the past year.


Violent gangs seem fearless about robbing and terrorising families in their own homes, and think police won’t chase them if they are found in a stolen car.


The state government has changed the law so juvenile offenders can breach bail conditions without penalty, allowed courts to water down community correction laws and moved to scrap tougher sentences for drug dealers and child sex abusers. The government has also cut front-line police numbers and closed police stations.


All these actions by the government send the message to would-be offenders that the law is weak, police are powerless and criminals can get away with it.


We need a state government that will end the soft on crime approach, ensure stronger and more effective sentences and increase police numbers.