加薪将耗费纳税人每年 5000 多万澳币的血汗钱,而潜在的严重问题是其它工会也将使用这个加薪为基准,替各自工会成员争取同等的加薪福利。 无论结果如何,最终一切代价都将由所有纳税人共同承担。

其实不单单是工会人员,所有劳工都应为他们的付出获得公平合理的薪资报酬,但这次工会的加薪却是之前大选支持工党的回报。 加薪的幅度与衡量应是取决于对工作及人员合理的评估,而不是当做以纳税人钱绑架选票或行政治酬庸的工具。



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Big pay rises for paramedics


Last week Victorian paramedics were given pay rises of up to 28 per cent, under an agreement made between the paramedics union and the Labor Party.


These pay rises will cost taxpayers more than $50 million a year. Other unions will also use these pay rises as a benchmark to claim similar pay rises for their members, meaning even more cost for taxpayers.


These pay rises are part of the reward being given to the paramedics union in exchange for supporting the Labor Party at the last election.


Paramedics, and all workers, should receive fair and reasonable pay based on the work they do. However, their pay rises should not depend on how much support their union gives to the Labor Party at election time.