自由党领袖 Matthew Guy 已宣布,如自由党明年大选中胜出,将会立法惩处藐视法庭行为,处以 14 天有期徒刑或$1,500的易科罚金。




英文版/ English version

Restoring respect in our courts


If offenders don’t respect the courts, they don’t respect the law.


Too often in Victoria, accused offenders are treating courts with contempt – swearing or shouting in court, or refusing to stand for a judge or remove face covering when asked to do so by a judge.


Liberal leader, Matthew Guy, has announced that if a Liberal Nationals government is elected next year, we will create a new offence of disrespecting a court, with a penalty of 14 days in jail or a fine of over $1,500.


This is an important part of making offenders realise that they will be punished if they break the law or behave with contempt towards the police or the courts.


Only when offenders know that the law, the police and the courts must be respected will they start to obey the law and crime will start to fall.