工党将对Eastern Freeway 徵收路费?

Andrews 政府上周透露,兴建东北环线 (North East Link) 的成本远超预期,经费大涨。

Andrews 先生 6个月前表示,兴建预算 70 亿澳币,而如今透露的经费将高达 165亿澳币。 这对于维州预算而言,是一笔庞大的开支,至今 Andrews 先生仍无法对这笔钱到底要从何而来给出解释。

最令人担忧的莫过于 Andrews 先生恐将通过对东部高速公路 (Eastern Freeway) 开徵过路费来支付远超预期的开销。

Andrews 先生至今已违背许多当初的竞选承诺,其中自然也包括 “不开徵新税或收费” 的承诺,此一承诺在政府表示延长收取 CityLink 过路费因应 Westgate 隧道开销时被破弃。 倘若一旦又对东部高速公路 (Eastern Freeway) 徵收路费,此举无疑将再一次背弃竞选承诺,再次背叛维州人民。


英文版/ English version

Labor to put tolls on Eastern Freeway?


Premier Andrews revealed last week that there has been a huge blow-out in the cost of building the North East Link.


Six months ago Mr Andrews said the cost would be $7 billion. Now he says it will be $16.5 billion. This is a huge expense for the State budget, and Mr Andrews has provided no explanation of where the money will come from.


There is great concern that Mr Andrews will try to pay for this cost blowout by putting tolls on everyone who uses the Eastern Freeway.


Mr Andrews has already broken many promises about not introducing new taxes or charges, including extending tolls on CityLink to pay for his Westgate Tunnel. To put tolls on the Eastern Freeway would be yet another broken promise.