上週在议会,我呼吁 Andrews 政府採取行动,结束工会成员的不当行为,一小部分的工会成员,却造成高达数千万澳币的损失、延误与破坏,并损害重创墨尔本这贸易中心的良好声誉,此等行为非常的可耻。


英文版/English version

Union port picket holds up goods, threatens trade


Last week, union members from the Maritime Union of Australia blocked trucks from entering and leaving a major container terminal in Melbourne’s port.


The picket is holding up cargo including urgent medical supplies, Christmas goods and perishable foods.


The union members are trying to force the terminal operator to employ someone who is not eligible to obtain an official security clearance to work there.


In Parliament last week, I called on the Andrews government to take action to end this picket. It is disgraceful that a handful of union members can cause tens of millions of dollars of cost, delay and disruption, and damage Melbourne’s reputation as a reliable centre for trade.