Anzac Live brings WW1 history to life

AnzacLive‬ is an innovative project which brings Australia’s WWI history to life. Nine very different men and one woman from the First World War will be sharing their daily experiences a century to the day after the events they describe; as though alive right now and communicating, as many do, via the key social media of today: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The project has been undertaken with the co-operation of the Australian War Memorial and with input from many descendants of those celebrated by #AnzacLive. Among the descendants who have given their blessing to the project is Maggie Johnson—granddaughter of the extraordinarily inspirational Alice Ross-King, a nurse with links to Victoria, NSW and WA.

For more information about #AnzacLive—or to follow Alice Ross-King, Archie Barwick, Arthur James Adams, Benjamin Bennett Leane, Bert Reynolds, Charles Laseron, Charles Suckling, Ellis Silas, Hector Brewer and John Monash—please go to: http://www.anzaclive.com.au.