现今的Andrews 政府阻挡重判暴力犯罪份子的修法,但他却想对支付不当薪资的雇主处以牢狱监禁。

Andrews 先生希望推动修法,对未保留正确员工纪录的雇主判监禁入狱。




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Employers face jail for paying wrong wages


While the Andrews government blocks tougher laws for criminals who bash paramedics, it wants to jail employers if they pay the wrong wages to their employees.


Mr Andrews also want the law to include jail for employers who don’t keep the correct records about their employees.


Employers who deliberately cheat their employees deserve to be punished, but it’s not fair to send innocent employers to jail if they make an honest mistake.


This shouldn’t happen in a free and open country such as Australia.