街道安全- 自由党将提供更多 CCTV

维州自由党政府将提供 2400万澳币的经费,用于安装 CCTV (维安摄像头) 等维安措施在商场、公园和人流众多的公共场所。

我很高兴和维州自由党领袖 Matthew Guy 先生,在 Balwyn 购物中心一起宣布这个振奋人心的好消息。

往往有许多无辜的受害者,他们有的是夜间在公园散步,或于 ATM 提取现金时遭遇袭击;有的是店家的店舖在夜晚遭到闯入或洗劫,建筑物被涂鸦破坏;有的则是人在家中,祸从天降,一觉醒来,发现车子被盗。 而增设更多维安摄像能有助吓阻犯罪的发生,更可在犯罪发生后,协助警方及早将犯人绳之以法。

人民有追求平安,免于受伤害的权力,他们值得追求一个更好的生活环境,清楚知道自己的房屋财产是免受盗窃或破坏之苦。 而拥有更多警察、更完善的法律和更优良的维安技术将有助于我们早日达成人民的期待,建立安全稳定的社区环境。


英文版/English version

Liberals to provide more security cameras for our streets


A Liberal government in Victoria will provide $24 million for more security cameras and other safety measures to be installed in shopping centres, parks and other public places.


I was pleased to join Liberal leader, Matthew Guy, in Balwyn shopping centre to make the announcement.


Too often, innocent victims are attacked when walking at night in parks, or going to an ATM. Shopkeepers find that their shops have been broken into and robbed overnight, or their buildings have been covered in graffiti, and families at home wake to find their car has been stolen. Having more cameras will help deter crimes such as these and to catch criminals.


People are entitled to be safe from harm, and know that their homes and property are safe from theft or damage. Having more police, stronger laws and better security technology will help achieve this.