随着 11月24日越来越近,维州大选的日子也即将到来,维州自由党宣布,如果有幸当选,他们将竭尽所能,保护社区邻里,免于遭受犯罪的荼毒。

相关措施包括提供 4000 把泰瑟枪给维州警方,用于对付暴力罪犯。 泰瑟枪 (Tasers) 透过电击,让罪犯丧失反抗能力,也因此可更容易的被警方制伏和逮捕。 有了 4000 把泰瑟枪的帮助,将可使警方如虎添翼,也让警察在每次应对毒品犯、酗酒、精神病患或遭遇暴力罪犯时,都可更有效的做出应对与处理。

除此外,维州自由党联盟政府还将再增聘 100名武装保安,简称 PSO (Protective Services Officers) ,安排他们白天在那些治安较差的火车站值勤,并赋予警察发出勒令的权力,除非法院事后推翻勒令,否则警方将可要求家庭暴力犯罪者永远的远离受害者。



英文版/English version

More Liberal actions to protect community from crime


As the state election on 24 November gets closer, the Victorian Liberals have announced further actions they will take to protect the community from crime if they are elected.


These actions include providing 4,000 Tasers for Victoria Police to use against violent offenders. Tasers incapacitate an offender with an electric charge so they can be subdued and arrested. With 4,000 Tasers, police will be able to carry a Taser every time they respond to a violent crime or where someone is threatening violence due to drugs, alcohol or mental illness.


A Victorian Liberal Nationals government will also provide 100 PSOs to be on duty during the daytime at railway stations with crime problems, and will give police the power to issue an immediate order requiring a family violence perpetrator to stay away from their victim permanently unless a court orders otherwise.


These reforms are further examples of why Victoria needs a Liberal Nationals government in order to end soft on crime policies and take strong action to help make Victoria safe again.