自由党将启动 Taxi 牌照损失的受害者调查

今年不久前,维州政府取消数百个家庭与个人所拥有的 Taxi 经营许可证。
每个Taxi 经营许可证价值高达 50万澳元,但政府最多支付的补偿金额为10万澳元。


自由党领袖 Matthew Guy 宣佈,如果自由党有幸在 11月胜选执政,我们将委託维州前任州长 Jeff Kennett 开启 Taxi 制度转型的相关调查,其中也包括 Taxi许可证制度变更后造成的受害者损失情况。


英文版/English version

Liberals to hold inquiry into taxi licence losses


Earlier this year, the Victorian government abolished the licences to operate taxis that were owned by hundreds of individuals and families.


The licences were worth up to $500,000 each, but the government paid a maximum of $100,000 a licence in compensation.


Having their licence assets destroyed by governments, with such massive losses, has caused huge distress to the families involved.   It also undermines everyone’s ability to trust governments. If the government can wipe out the life savings of these families, whose assets and savings are safe in Victoria?


Victorian Liberal leader, Matthew Guy, has announced that if the Liberals are elected in November, we will commission former Victorian Premier, Jeff Kennett, to conduct an inquiry into all aspects of the taxi changes, including the losses suffered by licence holders.