上周一名在保释期的少年再次犯案,他被指控上学途中,殴打并洗劫男同学。 该人犯于保释期犯案被捕后再次获得保释。

犯人在保释期犯案,法院又一而再,再而三的给予保释,这些不过是近期治安问题的冰山一角。 儘管治安问题已火烧眉睫,但 Andrews 政府依然闻风不动,视若无睹。

与政府强烈对比的是,自由党领袖 Matthew Guy 于週日郑重发出声明,如自由党于明年选举中胜出,将给犯罪人士当头棒喝,修改保释法, 正如 Matthew Guy 先生所言,”保释期犯罪,必羁押入狱"

修改保释法是自由党的竞选承诺之一,自由党承诺整顿治安,还人民一个安全的维州。 这一切就从建立人民对法律的尊重,把危险人物羁押至监狱做起。


英文版/ English version

Liberals will fix weak bail laws


Last week a teenager who was already on bail for robbery was given bail again after he allegedly punched and robbed schoolboy on his way to school.


This is the latest of many examples where courts are letting people accused of serious crimes walk free on bail time and time again. Despite this, the Andrews government has done nothing about it.


However, the Victorian Liberal Leader, Matthew Guy, made clear in a speech on Sunday that if the Liberal Party is elected next year, he will act to strengthen weak bail laws. As Mr Guy said, “offend on bail, and you’ll go to jail”


This is an important part of the Liberals’ commitment to make Victoria safe again by bringing back respect for the law and putting dangerous offenders in jail.