果自由国家党联盟政府于 11月在维州顺利当选,将推动修法,确保犯罪受害者能参与有关囚犯是否能假释出狱的一系列决定。








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Liberals to give more say to crime victims


If a Liberal Nationals government is elected in Victoria in November, it will change the law to ensure that a victim of crime is involved in every decision on whether to let a prisoner out of jail on parole.


Parole is when an offender is let out of jail before they have served their full sentence.  This is designed to let offenders learn to live in the community without re-offending, on strict conditions.


However, when a criminal is let out of jail, this can cause their victims to live in fear of the offender attacking them again.


Having a victim of crime involved in all parole decisions will help ensure the effects of parole on victims are fully considered, and victims are properly protected, before any criminals are let out of jail early.