Liberals' new building fund for Catholic and independent schools

在维州,有许多家庭辛苦赚钱,省吃俭用,只为了让孩子接受更适合的教育,送孩子上天主教学校或私立学校。 然而,这些学校却很少得到州政府在兴建新建筑或升级建筑的援助。
维州自由党宣布,如果 11 月的维州大选中胜选,将为天主教学校和私校提供 4 亿澳币资金,让他们用在改善教室等基础设施,让教学环境百尺竿头,更进一步。


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Liberals’ building fund for Catholic and independent schools


In Victoria, many families work hard to earn the money to send their children to Catholic or independent schools.   However, those schools receive little state government assistance for new or upgraded buildings.


In many parts of Melbourne, parents can’t even get their children into the school of their choice, because schools can’t keep up with out of control population growth.


The Victorian Liberals have announced they will introduce a $400 million fund for new and improved classrooms and other facilities at Catholic and independent schools, if they are elected in November’s state election.


This will mean greater choice for families, and make it more affordable for families to choose the school that will be best for their child, whether a government school, a Catholic school or an independent school.