为了支付加薪后的工资、债务的利息,财政预算唯有加重赋税来提高政府税收,尤其是房产和土地相关赋税。 在Daniel Andrews 加重和开徵 12 项赋税项目后,当前维州拥有全澳洲最高的赋税,相比下,也给人民带来最沉重的负担。


即便如此,当前政府依然没有足够的资金来兑现它的承诺,资金缺口自然也包括重大项目 North East Link 。

维州需要一个审时度势,在预算上精打细算,眼光长远的政府。 而非不计后果,乱开承诺,加重赋税且债台高筑的政府。


英文版/English version

Victoria’s high taxing, high spending, high debt budget


The Victorian budget announced last week makes large increases in the numbers of public servants and large increases in state debt.


To pay for the increased wages and interest costs, the budget is continuing to increase tax revenue, especially from taxes on property purchases and land holdings. After 12 new and increased taxes under Premier Daniel Andrews, Victoria now has the highest taxes of any State in Australia.


However, the government still does not have enough money to pay for all the promises it is has made, such as the North East Link.


Instead of a government that makes reckless promises, Victoria needs a government that will have sensible, long-term budgets that will meet the needs of our growing population.